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United States

Grant McFarland

Independent, Atrium Audio


With MEINL since:



November 16, 1986

Zodiac Sign:


Place of birth:

Lancaster, PA

Currently living in:

a Ford E-350, and sometimes Lancaster, PA

Favorite MEINL cymbal:

Byzance Traditional China 14"

Drumming since:

I was eleven years old. I played snare drum for the elementary school band. However, my music history goes back farther than that. I've been a musician since age four, starting on the Cello.

Car that you currently drive:

2003 Chrysler Sebring Lxi ( Black )

Not counting on drums what do you do for fun:

Recording bands at Atrium Audio, Video games! PS3, XBox360, and the only game you'll ever need on PC/Mac - Star Craft II! Sight seeing ( grand canyon, monuments/hotspots etc. ) when I travel.

Favorite Food:

Thai, Japanese, Spanish

Favorite Drink:

Coffee, Whiskey


I had various instructors in grade school for snare/marching snare, but when it comes to full kit I'm self taught.

Highlight of your career so far:

Working with Chris Adler and Josh Wilbur on my latest album "Haunt What's Left." I couldn't be more proud of anything I've ever worked on.

Drumming strengths:

Polyrhythm, Limb Separation, Getting in that "pocket" and Stick Tricks for fun.

Drumming means to me:

Drumming is the backbone of music. I've always listened to music for the beat. I find myself constantly missing lyrical content because I'm paying more attention to how the percussive elements fit in with the melodic elements.

Advice for up and coming drummers:

Consistency is key. You can sound design with compression and gates, but nothing is better than a good clean sound from the source. Playing to a metronome is also a big deal to me. Last, play with confidence. Noone likes to watch a drummer that doesn't look/sound comfortable where he/she is. Consistency, Metronome, and Confidence. 

How would you describe yourself:

I have a goal for other people to see me as the nicest guy they'll ever meet. However, I'm a brain smarts guy, not social smarts. I often get mis-interpreted because I keep my end of the conversation as logical and factual as possible, but I mean nothing but the best!

When I look back on my life one day, I would like to be able to say:

That I never held back, and achieved everything I wanted to without hesitating. I hope that I have provided the most positive experience for everyone around me. All in all, I just wanna be a solid dude.