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United States

Jean Paul Gaster

Clutch, The Bakerton Group, King Hobo


With MEINL since:



June 18, 1971

Zodiac Sign:


Place of birth:


Currently living in:


Drumming since:


Car that you currently drive:

66 Chevy Pick Up Truck

Not counting on drums what do you do for fun:

I like to work in my garden pulling weeds or fixing those soaker hoses. I like to build stuff or tear stuff down too. Afterward I like to hang out with my wife and talk about what else needs to be done in the yard.

Favorite Food:

My favorite food is a Uruguayan style asado. We grill sausages, steaks, ribs, and vegetables on a parilla over hardwood coals. I learned to cook this way watching my grandfather. Don't forget the homemade chimichurri! Before the show I like to eat pad tha

Favorite Drink:

Craft beers! Some of my favorites are Breweries are New Belgian, Oscar Blues, Bells, Ommengang and Flying dog.


Walter Salb 1926 - 2006. May you rest in peace my friend.

Highlight of your career so far:

Being able to play the drums for a living.

Drumming strengths:

Pocket !

Drumming means to me:

Listening !

Advice for up and coming drummers:

Learn the Rudimental Ritual. Alan Dawson created it, John Ramsay wrote a book on it, we should take the time to learn it.  This exercise will get your hands together as well as push the envelopes of what you thought you could memorize and then internalize. It was incredibly intimidating for the first few weeks but even when I only knew the first page or two it was a great warm up. Also, check out drummers outside of your genre. If you are a jazz drummer check out Dave Lombardo, or Earl Hudson. If you are a metal drummer check out Elvin Jones, Johnny Vidacovich, or Jack Dejohnette . When we study a variety of styles we are better able to develop our own voice.

How would you describe yourself:

I'm the guy at the gig sitting by myself with headphones on hitting the pad.

When I look back on my life one day, I would like to be able to say:

I played drums till I couldn't play anymore.