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United States

Kellii Scott

Failure, Hyro Da Hero


With MEINL since:

May 2012


November 25, 1969

Zodiac Sign:


Place of birth:

San Diego, CA

Currently living in:

Los Angeles, CA

Drumming since:

December 1982

Car that you currently drive:

Audi Allroad

Not counting on drums what do you do for fun:

Think, Love, Dream, Laugh

Favorite Food:

A good steak.

Favorite Drink:

Root Beer

Highlight of your career so far:

All of it. Everyday I get to play is a dream.

Drumming strengths:

Intuition and being musical. Flying by the seat of my pants.

Drumming means to me:

It expresses my inner voice and reconciles emotions.

Advice for up and coming drummers:

Be emotional and play with conviction. Be inspired.

How would you describe yourself:

Determined, focused, relentless, fair.

When I look back on my life one day, I would like to be able to say:

My life was full and without doubt. That I was loved and never took my life for granted. Happy...