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Michael Christian


With MEINL since:



March 11, 1982

Zodiac Sign:


Place of birth:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Currently living in:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Drumming since:


Car that you currently drive:

Honda Freed

Not counting on drums what do you do for fun:

Action figures, Photography, Cinema

Favorite Food:

Salmon Sashimi Salad, Baby Back Ribs, Braised Turkey legs…..wait..I just love to eat

Favorite Drink:




Highlight of your career so far:

Endorsed by MEINL cymbals

Drumming strengths:

I love what I play, I play what I love

Drumming means to me:

Drumming makes me feels so great to be alive. Let the drums speak!

Advice for up and coming drummers:

Nothing comes instant; there is always PROCESS to make it GREAT. Same thing applies in drumming. Be open-minded to all musical genres and drumming styles. Make drum notations and metronome as your very best friends. Listen, practice, and play MUSIC..not just drums

How would you describe yourself:

Laidback, disciplined, humorous, Sanguine-Choleric. I love to dream BIG things..I make SMALL plans to achieve them, and I do it NOW. I love my wife, Santi Natalia and son, Timothy Brady so much..and most importantly I surrender my life in God’s hands.

When I look back on my life one day, I would like to be able to say:

I was able to support many drummers, especially in my country to develop their drumming skills & knowledge, and to reach their dreams.