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United Kingdom

Paul-Luc Gifford

Kill Casino


With MEINL since:



July 14, 1986

Zodiac Sign:


Place of birth:

London, England

Currently living in:

London, England

Favorite MEINL cymbal:

Byzance Dark Ride 20"

Drumming since:


Car that you currently drive:

I can't drive. But if I did I would have a Mini Cooper

Not counting on drums what do you do for fun:

Going out and having a laugh with my friends, poker, going to gigs and writing music.

Favorite Food:


Favorite Drink:


Highlight of your career so far:

Meeting the guys in Kill Casino, and getting to spend so much time with them making the music we love.

Drumming strengths:

Grooving and communicating with my bass player

Drumming means to me:

Drumming means everything, its something I love to do more than anything.

Advice for up and coming drummers:

Just practice, be yourself, and don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams.

How would you describe yourself:

A bit shy, but friendly and a good listener.

When I look back on my life one day, I would like to be able to say:

I hit them as hard as I could.