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S.C. Kuschnerus



With MEINL since:

2000...and it was about time !


May 21, 1970

Place of birth:

the German town of Aachen, which oddly enough is also the hometown of fellow MEINL drummer and semi-namesake Uli Kusch

Currently living in:

the outskirts of Cologne

Drumming since:

1985 - after more than a year of demolishing my sofa with drumsticks and working my rear end off in order to afford my first shabby drumkit...finally

Car that you currently drive:

some ho-hum yet functional minivan that carries my kit and takes me from point A to B

Not counting on drums what do you do for fun:

playing and watching American Football, though I finally quit playing at the end of last season in my quest of being a responsible and healthy Krypterian for all seasons

Favorite Food:

I'll try almost everything, but I just love Mom's culinary creations best

Favorite Drink:

depending on the situation it's either coffee, water, soy milk or a cold beer



Highlight of your career so far:

scoring the first cast position (singing, acting and dancing "shudder" !) as the supervillain in the stage production of Maffay's Tabaluga musical, creating Krypteria's latest album "Bloodangel's Cry", touring with Deep Purple and performing in Asia

Drumming strengths:

I consider myself a solid, dependable straightshooter with the desire to deliver the extra effort in the visual department

Drumming means to me:

the key to the fulfillment of my aspirations

Advice for up and coming drummers:

listen and learn. Make sure to gain knowledge not only on everything drums, but on music in general and the business side in particular. Preparation is key. And try to be a decent human being who is respectful to his peers, or it may come back to haunt you. Reflect and cherish the opportunity and the freedom to be creative. But first and foremost: Enjoy what you do !

How would you describe yourself:

the ultimate teamplayer determined to get the job done

When I look back on my life one day, I would like to be able to say:

Personally: that I stayed true to myself and my ideals no matter what
Musically: that I inspired a kid to pick up the drumsticks and discover his or her love for making music, just like I was inspired by Roger Taylor back in the days...that would be something indeed About MEINL: When I started playing drums back in the 80s MEINL cymbals to me were merely an afterthought but, man, how things have changed ! Thanks to expert craftsmanship, creativity galore and a passion to offer top-notch equipment to today's artist MEINL has made it to the upper echelon of cymbal makers in a heartbeat and just keeps wowing me with delivering off-the-hook ideas and concepts at a record pace.
I find my MEINLs to be extremely durable and explosive yet at the same time enormously tasteful and subtle.
I can't finish without acknowledging the amazing job Stephan Haenisch does in the Artist Relation department. He's offered superb support through thick and thin, so to Stephan and everybody at MEINL: Thank you very much for helping me rediscover the key to the fulfillment of my aspirations again and again and for caring about the artists' needs...keep up the great work !