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Friday, January 18, 2008 - 6:37 AM

2008 Winter Namm - First Day

(Left to Right ) Guitarist Luna Angel, Mrs. Meinl, Shauney Baby,
Felix Pollard,
Kenny Bozich,
SIR LA's Ron Pak,

What's up everyone?

It's my first blog on and the first day of the 2008 Winter NAMM show in sunny Anaheim, California! You know...I live back in my home state of Tennessee now (love the American South...), but after having lived in Southern California for almost 8 years of my life, it's beautiful days like today that make me wonder why I ever left...

Anyway, today was mighty busy for a Thursday, but I'd really have it no other way. I had a great time visiting with all of the MEINL artists and various assorted friends that came by the booth. I had a chance to hang with artists Felix Pollard, Chris Coleman, Jon "The Charn" Rice, Kent Aberle, Jason Bittner,  Shauney Baby, Kenny Bozich and industry friends like Ron Pak from SIR LA and many more.

The show will only get crazier and busier, with many people from the music industry descending upon the Convention Center. That being said, I should probably mention that we are going to have a killer artist signing on Saturday! Here's the lineup - from 2pm to 3pm, one signing only -

 - Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall)

 - Chris Adler (Lamb of God)

 - Brann Dailor (Mastodon)

 - Benny Greb (Jerobeam)

 - Wolfgang Haffner (Till Broenner )

 - Jon Rice (Job For a Cowboy)

 - Derek Roddy (Serpents Rise)

 - Jon Wilkes (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)

 - Thomas Lang (Drumming Superstar)

If you're at the NAMM show, this would be a great time to say "hey" to these super cool and down to earth folks.

Alright then, gotta boogie down to the bar for a scotch and cigar with my colleague, Norbert Saemann. Hope you're all well wherever you. Take care.

Chris Brewer



Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA