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Friday, April 04, 2008 - 23:25 PM

5 Questions W/ Trevor Lawrence Jr.


I was sending some cymbals to Trevor Lawrence Jr. the other day, and it got me to thinking about just how much the guy works. I mean...he is ALWAYS working...on heavy duty projects too! That being said, I became a little bit curious about some of the inner-workings of his studio-session-work life, the ins and outs, and the road work that he does as well.

So I emailed him 5 questions to pick his brain a little bit, figuring you guys and gals might want to know a little more about what goes on with an in-demand LA session cat. Check out his answers.

1. You're constantly working on different projects in the LA studio scene. What aspect are you working on the most with these projects, i.e. tracking drums, song-writing, engineering, producing, programming?

When other people call me, I'm usually playing live drums and/or percussion. I always have something going on production-wise and that will usually involve programming, writing, etc.

2. When you have multiple projects offered at once, what determines which one you take on? It can't all be about the cash, right?   :-)

When I'm already booked for something, I try to stay loyal to that gig and I try to schedule for the other thing around that. Recently I couldn't do an Alicia Keys session because I had to go out of town with someone else that I had committed to around the holidays.'s not always about the cash. "If You chase checks, they run." - Leonard Cohen - But I always ask myself if a call is worth the money being offered and if the music and people involved are cool.

3. What were your favorite projects that you worked on in 2007 and what roles did you play in each one?

Definitely Alicia Keys' album was fun and a great vibe to make. I think cutting a bona-fide country record with Snoop might have made hip hop history, which was definitely fun. Also, playing on my boy Everlast's record was fun too. I'm his musical director now and we'll be going on tour starting in late May across the US.

4. How do you balance road work and being out of town and away from the studio scene?

When I'm home, I'm here to do sessions and when I'm out, I try to schedule them so I can do them when I come home. If not...then that's the business. Soon, I'll be able to send my son to sub for me. That will be a great day!!!   :-)  

5. What are you currently working on now?

Actually, when I got this email, I was in the studio with Dr. Dre and I've been working with him pretty frequently since last August. With him, I pay two roles: vibe starter (I start grooves and patterns and we jam and songs are basically created) and drummer/percussionist. Also, I'm on the upcmoming Qunicy Jones album and I've been working with my good friend, producer Mike Elizondo.

Thanks for reading. Take care.


Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA