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Friday, July 18, 2008 - 15:42 PM

A Few Thoughts

"schiller" live
"schiller" live
custom modified generation x filter chinas for ralf gustke
rossie rossberg: ralfs tech and and a great dude

it's friday now and it's been a busy week for us. the work for the 2009 catalog is starting to kick off now. we've also had another drum festival meeting today. so little time, and still so much to do for this event. i am not complaining, i guess it's good that way. after all, we are preparing for an awesome drum event and what can be cooler than getting to organize your own drum festival with some of the best drummers in the world?

for a change, i went to a concert last night. there is this artist named SCHILLER, who's in the charts right now. electronic, spheric music with ralf gustke playing drums. i have known schillers music already, but up till now have not seen it live. it's incredible. a 3-D surround sound system which is synchronized to the light-show and other visual effects. superb musical arrangements, a band that played really tight, and a genius FOH engineer by the name of bodo schulte. forget your poor home-cinema surround sound experience. schiller is the real deal. needless to say, i was blown away.

ralf has called me a few days earlier and needed some custom cymbal modifications (here we go again). he was thinking about some additional rivets to be put into a generation-x jingle filter china. so we made it and much to ralfs appreciation, i brought them with me yesterday. he played them that night already and seemed to like them a lot :-) if everything was that easy.....

i also produced two (!!) video-podcast yesterday at the concert: one of the best techs in the business, our good friend rossi rossberg, is teching for ralf. among many others, rossi also works for rammsteins christoph schneider and is known for his incredible tuning qualities. both podcasts will be about rossi. the first one - which is going to come out next week - will show an interview with him, and in the second one (out in august) he will tell you about some of his visions on drum-tuning and cymbal sounds.

this one goes out to jost nickel - a faithfull reader of my blog: this coming saturday ralf gustke can not do the schiller gig because he has to play a show with xavier naidoo in vienna. so jost will be ralf's sub for saturdays schiller show at the zeltmusik festival in freiburg. jost is an awesome drummer and great musician, still: good luck with that gig jost :-) if anybody of you happens to be there, make sure to check him out.

i am off for the weekend now heading straight to the gym. i have keep on strenghtening my back- and stomach muscles. last saturday i played my first gig again with my band after all the time i spent in hospitals cause of my herniated disc in my back. it was great and i played through the whole show (2 1/2 hrs) without any pain. tomorrow i will do a local gig with a singer who i play with from time to time. if you have been through what i have been through lately, you start to appreciate playing drums even more. so to everyone out there: look after yourself, because things can go terribly wrong in a second.

until next time.............

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

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