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Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 17:24 PM

A Gesture Of Friendship

benny signing on our ultra-sonic cleansing device
christoph schneider's (rammstein) signature on our CNC lathing machine
chris adler's (lamb of god) signature on the polishing machine
gomez's (reamonn) signature on the CNC machine

most of the staff working in our factory are music lovers. anytime an artist, of which our guys are fans of, visits our factory, they want his autograph written on the actual machine they are working on day by day. today benny greb hung out at the factory. thorsten, who is a great fan of benny, had him sign our ultra-sound-cleansing machine. thorsten works on that machine every day. and benny's cymbals (as well as almost all others) are being cleansed in it. other artists have signed other machines on which their cymbals are made on. that's a nice way to connect our workers with our cymbals and with our artists. our guys identify themselves even more with our cymbals. it's a great motivation for them and a nice gesture from the artists showing their respect.

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

With Meinl since 1990. International A&R, Event Management and Marketing