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Friday, March 15, 2013 - 17:11 PM

A Guideline to Meinl Cymbals Part 2 / ...Not Like Everybody Else

Welcome to part #2 of my blog series “A Guideline to Meinl Cymbals”.

...Not Like Everybody Else
...Not Like Everybody Else

When you look on page 1 of or cymbal guide, you find what is usually called a “Mission Statement” – …Not Like Everybody Else.  What does that mean?

It basically tells you WHY we do what we do? WHY does Meinl exist and what is our right to exist?

Using two different examples, I will try and tell you what in my opinion Meinl is all about:

Example #1:
I’m a drummer myself and so are many of my Meinl co-workers. Just like you, we are drum-geeks. We just happen to work here and do what we truly love. When we say Meinl is ‘By drummers, for drummers’, we really mean it.

Over all the years working for Meinl now (23 to be precise) I have come to the firm believe that everything we do, we do because we believe that it can help you to become a better drummer. We believe that our cymbals and all our activities can help you to become a better drummer. And here is how: Drummers tell me that over the years of playing our cymbals they have grown as drummers and matured as musicians, and that is - among other things - also because of the inspiration they get when playing our cymbals. The sound and feel of our cymbals has inspired them in their creative process and helped them to become better drummers. The more I thought about that, the more I understood how deep that is. It’s a huge compliment. What we do here everyday helps drummers to get better in their artform. And that’s regardless of the style they play or their level of playing. No matter if you are a beginner or pro player. And no matter if you play in an extreme metal band, or in a classical orchestra. We believe that we can help you getting a better drummer at every stage of your musical journey. That to me is one of the main reason why we do what we do.

Example 2 - Here is another story why we do what we do and why we love it so much:

J.P. Bouvet and Slawek Razik at our 2012 Meinl Drum Festival
J.P. Bouvet and Slawek Razik at our 2012 Meinl Drum Festival

I found this on J.P. Bouvet’s (he is one of our artists) Facebook page the other day. J.P. says this there:

This is why I play drums. Because Sławek Razik saved up for a long time and took a bus from Poland for something like 16 hours to come see us play at the Meinl Drum Festival.

I play drums for people like Sławek Razik.

All the hard work it takes me and my co-workers to put together our festival is totally worth it as long as that kind of spirit is achieved. Giving Slawek and J.P the chance to meet and inspire each other is the reason why we make our festival.  

Reinhold Meinl personally gives the opening speech before every Meinl Drum Festival, and he always finishes by encouraging the audience and says “Make a lot of new drummer friends today”.

The friendships we share with drummers, and the trust they put in us is our greatest achievement to date.

These are two reasons why I do what i do here at Meinl. If you want to get deeper into that, feel free to comment.

- norbert

Slawek gave a very cool response to J.P.’s statement. Click here to read the full communication on JP's Facebook page.

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

With Meinl since 1990. International A&R, Event Management and Marketing