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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 16:15 PM

A Guideline to Meinl Cymbals Part 3 / The Meinl Cymbal Series

Welcome to part #3 of my blog series “A Guideline to Meinl Cymbals”. Today I want to talk about all our different series and what we did with them.

Our current portfolio includes 19 individual lines. That’s quite a lot of information for our customers. We found it sometimes challenging to understand what every line is all about? What is the identity of every series? Could it be that our assortment is too complicated to understand completely?

With that in mind we thought about how to make our portfolio easier to understand? How can we help our customers ‘to get’ the whole picture? How can we simplify our portfolio?

To achieve that was a big challenge for us last year and what we did is that we have integrated all our 19 series into six categories. Every category has its own identity that reflects what all of its integrated lines are all about. They are like a ‘Guideline to Meinl Cymbals’; our cymbal DNA.

Here are the six categories along with their individual lines. I will only briefly explain every category now, and explain more about every of them in the following blogs.


Byzance Traditional, Vintage, Jazz, Extra Dry, Dark, Brilliant
Byzance cymbals are dark sounding and traditionally hand hammered in Turkey. Six Byzance ranges offer a choice of different feels and sounds.


M-Series Traditional, M-Series Fusion, Soundcaster Custom, Soundcaster Fusion
Modern cymbal making technology to create brighter, glassier sounds.


Mb20, Mb10, Mb8
Three different lines created from three different metals which have one thing in common: Their bright responses are aggressive!


Classics, Classics Custom, Classics Custom Extreme Metal
Loud, Louder, Loudest. These cymbals are all about high-energy response. They add pure punch wherever clarity and cut are a must.


Generation X
Wilder than normal with no rules. Innovation is the reason these cymbals exist.  
Unique sounds the create your own sonic signature


Looks and sounds that are much more serious than their price tags suggest. Designed and crafted using our advanced technology in Germany.


We hope that this system of grouping our 19 lines into six main categories help for a better understanding about what our complete assortment is all about. It makes choosing the right cymbal and sound for you easier. ‘Simplification’ and ‘Focus’ have been the main goals we wanted to achieve with our 2013 Cymbal Guide.

What do you think about the categorization system? Does it help you to understand our portfolio better? Or have you never had a lack of understanding for all our lines at all?

- norbert

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

With Meinl since 1990. International A&R, Event Management and Marketing