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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 - 16:21 PM

A Little Background...

Greetings & Salutations,

Since I will be contributing to these blogs along with my colleague Norbert Saemann, I thought I would give you a little bit of background on who it is that is doing all of the typing.

First of all, my name is Chris Brewer and I am the Artist Relations Manager for the USA and Canada. Sometimes I am asked how does one get into this position...The answer is not so simple. If I think about my past experiences, I can see how I came into this job. However there is really no direct path.

I grew up in Tennessee and have been a drummer since I was 9 years old. I was into music way before then. I don't even remember the first time I heard bands like Kiss, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, etc., because I had an uncle that was a teenager in the 70's when I was a wee lad and he lived very close to me and was always exposing me to very cool rock and roll. I also have an older brother that has exposed me to some seriously great music.

Anyway, I played in bands from the time I was 13. Eventually I got on the road touring out of the back of a van all across the USA and  that took me to Los Angeles where I set up camp with a band I was in for a long time. While that band never experienced any commercial success, we played music that was very fulfilling and to top it off, we were and still are the best of friends.

While in LA, I had a great job working in the drum department of S.I.R., a rehearsal and instrument rental facility, one of the largest in the world, in fact. This was an awesome experience where I learned A LOT about the drum industry and the music industry in general. This job led me to meet different production managers for tours. Eventually I got out on the road drum and percussion teching for artists such as Lionel Richie, Enrique Iglesias, The Dixie Chicks, Maxwell and others. This was another awesome experience that taught me so much.

After I had had enough of teching on the road, my wife and I moved from LA back to Tennessee where we are from. We never lived in Nashville before (we are from Knoxville originally), but we decided this would be a great place to be. I got a job at S.I.R. Nashville and that led me to meet the fine folks at Meinl USA, whose headquarters happen to be in the same town. After a few years at S.I.R. Nashville, I went to work for Meinl USA and have been here ever since. Meinl is a great company to work for. Lots of enthusiasm, ideas, energy and passion.

Anyway, this may have been way more than you ever wanted to know about someone you probably have never met. Still, I think it's important that I try and let you in on who it is that is actually speaking to you.

Looking forward to sharing all the in's and out's of what goes on at Meinl Cymbals. I hope you enjoy reading about it all.

Thanks for reading and take care!


Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA