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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 - 17:13 PM

Blof Drummer Norman Bonink And His Tech Xander Brouwer Visit Meinl Factory

Blof Drummer Norman Bonink (left) and his tech Xander Brouwer
Norman proudly holds his personalized Soundcaster Fusion Powerful Ride

Drummer Norman Bonink of the Dutch band Blof and his drumtech Xander visited the Meinl Factory on Wednesday December 16th. Their visit included a factory tour, cymbal testing and catching up on Meinl's latest activities. In a special custom treatment, Norman's favourite ride, a 20" Soundcaster Fusion Powerful Ride, has been personalized with a laser-engraved band logo. I feel even more privileged now to play my ride cymbal on our upcoming tour in February says Norman about the special procedure his ride cymbal has experienced.

Both Norman and Xander had a great time spending a day at the Meinl factory.