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Friday, June 13, 2008 - 15:56 PM

By The Way.....

jacqueline (left) and jenny, our new trainees
bodo barkanowitz is our cymbal sales manager in charge for germany and austria
micha dimpel, sales manager for belgium and netherlands. he is off to the u.s. tomorrow (his first trip actually to the u.s.)
reception area
our office coffeemachine which keeps us all going
drum- and musicmagazines from all over the world
our cymbal center
cymbals ready to ship all over the world
our parking lot
cymbals during manufacturing
cymbals from our turkish manufactory
remains from lathing
visual quality control
this stork keeps walking all day long up and down on the lawn next to our building

this week went by really fast and now it is friday again. this weekend the drummer-live festival in london will take place with meinl artist trevor lawrence jr. on the bill. my good friend ian croft (drummer magazine uk) has put the show together. if you have time and you happen to be there, go check it out. it's for sure the second best drum event in europe :-) unfortunately, due to my back problems i am still unable to fly and can't attend it for myself which makes me really sad to be honest. lots of friends and some great drumming in london. next time.....

out two trainees jenny and jacqueline are back again joining our team for the next six weeks. welcome back ladies! we hope you will have a good time and gather lots of experience for your future career.

in their july 2008 issue, u.s. based DRUM! magazine has published a review of our new mb8 series cymbals. it is an awesome review which exactly reflects the ideas we have had when we designed the series. all of us were very pleased and proud to read it. it feels good to see all the know-how and passion which we invest in product development finally gets the recognition it deserves. i have never read another review about any other meinl cymbal in any other magazine which hits the nail on the head like this one. thanks to DRUM! magazine.

last but not least, i am including some various pictures which i took today to give you an impression of whats going on in and around our office and factory during a normal day.

thanks for reading, stay tuned and take care

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

With Meinl since 1990. International A&R, Event Management and Marketing