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Monday, September 16, 2013 - 16:44 PM

Byzance Vintage Series Crashes

This is such a wonderful looking Byzance Vintage 20" Crash cymbal. It also comes in 18" and 22". Those are very thin crashes, and both sides are sandblasted. That process is something which we started to do on cymbals back in the mid 90ies for the first time with our Custom Cymbal Shop cymbals. We stopped that series a few years later and re-introduced sand blasted cymbals again with our Byzance series and Benny Greb's signature Sand Ride. 

Sandblasting a cymbals is a very radical step that causes a visual but also major sonic change. Its response becomes almost as sensitive as that of a splash even at such big sizes combined with a dark white-noise character. I use this 20" vintage crash in my personal set up right now for splash-like accents, cymbal swells and mutes. It's fabolous. 

Other Meinl artists using it include Jost Nickel (Jan Delay & Disko No. 1), Tommy Clufetos (Black Sabbath), Richard Spaven (Jose James), Juan Carlos Mendoza (GC Drum Off Winner), and some more.

Here is also a sound sample done with my Zoom Q3HD again.
- norbert

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

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