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Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 16:00 PM

Clyde Stubblefield and John Jabo Starks Make SPIN Magazine's 100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music

Meinl Artists Clyde Stubblefield and John Jabo Starks

Give the drummer some!!!... Never were more prophetic words spoken...

Meinl Cymbal artists Clyde Stubblefield and John Jabo Starks have been copied and studied more than most drummers can dream of, and have made more people dance than can be counted. Both Clyde and Jabo were recently recognized by SPIN Magazine in their 100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music.

These guys made the #2 spot and here's what the magazine had to say about them:

Hired by James Brown in 1965, his two most influential drummers were known to play together — the solid bedrock of session veteran John "Jabo" Starks rubbing against the impulsive clatter of Clyde Stubblefield like two samples meeting on an SP-1200 — but they made history apart, too. The one and only "funky drummer," Stubblefield eventually became the most storied of Brown's stickmen. His swinging, highly syncopated style was a key part of his boss' most influential hits, including "Cold Sweat," "Mother Popcorn," and of course, "Funky Drummer," where Stubblefield's break became one of the most popular samples in hip-hop history. Though overshadowed by his longtime bandmate, Jabo Starks anchored the James Brown band on more songs than any of Brown's other drummers. Originally trained as a jazz player, Starks had a sophisticated sense of timing and groove that created a proto-funk template in R&B. Countless Brown singles attest to Starks' mastery of the trap set, including "Super Bad," "Soul Power," and "The Payback." Most Booming Moments: The 1986 Brown compilation In the Jungle Groove includes a remix of the 1970 live version of "Give It Up or Turnit a Loose" that strips down the bridge so we can clearly hear Brown yell out "Clyde!" which triggers Stubblefield to thunder in with a crushing four-bar break. And James Brown's 1970 single "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine" wouldn't be the same without Starks laying down a nasty backbeat to get your sweat (and other) glands working.