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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 - 17:52 PM

Columbus Percussion's Drum Daze

Felix Pollard and Jim Rupp
Felix at soundcheck
Felix and Kasey from Columbus Percussion
Kasey from CoPro, who did a great job as Felix's tech.
Felix performing.
Felix performing.
Q & A with the crowd.
Drum Daze attendees trying out Meinl Cymbals in the lobby.
Felix hanging with the crowd.
Felix signing autographs.

Hi Everyone,

I just returned on Monday from a great trip north to Columbus, Ohio for the awesome Drum Daze festival, hosted by Columbus Percussion. Jim Rupp, the owner of the store, has been hosting Drum Daze for, I think, 14 years now. It's a real class act hosted by Jim and his staff, who are all a class act in and of themselves.

Drum Daze was happened on Sunday, March 29 at the Capitol Theater in the Vern Riffe Center in the heart of downtown Columbus. It's a great concert hall, where many cultural and artistic events such as symphonies are held.

Meinl Cymbal artist Felix Pollard kicked things off this year, as the first of five drummers to give performances. Felix played for almost an hour and received no less than two standing ovations. His performance highlighted the reasons why he is always working. Deep funk grooves, manic shout music and infectious Lionel Richie medlies dominated his playing, while all the time Felix kept the audience in a trance with his unbelievable chops and technical drumming gymnastics.

Many thanks to Jim and his staff for hosting such a great event and all of his guests so comfortable.

 - Chris


Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA