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Friday, November 06, 2009 - 17:22 PM

David Piribauer Update

Meinl Cymbal artist David Piribauer has been busy.

He's spent the last year and a half with Soloange Knowles, sister to Beyonce, and is still playing with her when she performs.

Since September David has been playing with American Idol finalist and actress Katharine McPhee. Along with live performances, David has also been recording with Katharine. Katharine is about to release a new album on Verve records in January accompanied by plenty of TV promo dates and live appearances.

Given the fact that David has a pretty sweet home recording setup, he has also been busy tracking drums for a variety of artists, including Brad Smith (Blind Melon) and Grammy-nominated singer Sara Kelly.

Last but not least, David also recently laid down drum tracks for two songs on the latest Alice Cooper record, Along Comes A Spider.