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Thursday, September 18, 2008 - 16:03 PM

Drum Festivals Everywhere

gps in holland: no turns no hills
adams drumfest venue
nick's set
nick playing live
thomas duerrfeld video
felix pollard video
jaska raatikainen video

here i am sitting at my desk wondering how fast the last few days have passed by? i remember that last saturday i drove 500km to holland and delivered the instruments for our booth at the adams drumfest. as soon as i unloaded the gear, i drove another 100km to duesseldorf airport where i stayed overnight. luckily the hotel had a gym so i was able to work out a bit after that long ride. my back needed it. next morning, i picked up nick d'virgilio and my colleague bernie from the airport. they have arrived from the salon de musique in paris. we drove to the adams festival, nick played a 60 minute set and we hung out quite a bit and had a good time. the next day, i dropped the guys off at the airport in duesseldorf again followed by another 500km ride back home.

tomorrow i will fly to newark for the weekend to attend the highly anticipated modern drummer festival. derek roddy is our man there performing this year for us. i am excited to go for another md festival. it's always a very special thing and one of the highlights of the international drumming community.

last but not least, the first three videos from the drum festival are online now. check them out here, or on the videos are thomas duerrfeld (juggling and drums), jaska raatikainen (children of bodom), and felix pollard (lionel richie). more videos to come soon.

i will try to blog from the festival. so stay tuned for more.



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