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Friday, June 06, 2008 - 15:59 PM

Free Promo Banner

this is the banner's design
our '08 messe booth with the actual banner (left)


sorry for my long blog-absence. i have slipped a disk in my lower back and have been out of office for the last six weeks. luckily i got away with it without surgery. still, it has been an aweful experience and i still have to do lots of physical therapy and other stuff.

anyways - at our '08 messe-booth in frankfurt we have hung several banners for decoration purpose. one of them we don't need anymore. instead of just throwing it away, we would like to give it to a drum school. check out the two pictures. one shows the messe-booth with the actual banner, and the other one a jpeg of its design. its size is 3.14 meters wide and 3.98 meters high (equals about 10ft x 13ft).

to qualify for the give-away, simply comment to this blog entry and leave the name and web-address of your drum-school. please also describe where in your school you would place it. last but not least, please send us a picture after you have received and hung the banner, because i would like to post it here again later on. the first entry will win. we will send it to you and pay for shipping, duty and tax.

take care and good luck
- norbert

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

With Meinl since 1990. International A&R, Event Management and Marketing