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Monday, October 18, 2010 - 18:48 PM

Funk + Doener

rivo drei's new album funk+doener with felix lehrmann on drums

in 2006, a band appeared on the german scene. they are called rivo drei and their drummer is felix lehrmann. their album "yeah! jawohl! und ueberhaupt!" has become one of my all-time favourites. i've seen them live many times, and i have invited them to perform at our 2006 meinl drum festival. maybe some of you have seen them there too.

felix lehrmann has had an awesome career in the german drumming scene during the last couple of years. he's one of the first-call studio drummers. his style is unique and recognizeable with a deep pocket. just check out some of the videos we recorded with him demonstrating our various cymbal series.

i am pleased to see that rivo drei has now released their second album, "funk + doener". it's got everything that you'd expect from rivo drei: felix' flashy yet groovy drumming, german lyrics that really mean something, and oliver rivo's songwriting skills. this cd is going to be in my cd player for quite some time now and "hallo phantom" is my new favourite song.

you can order the cd at there is an english version too. or download on iTunes or amazon.

- norbert

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

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