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Friday, July 26, 2013 - 15:49 PM


A few months ago my U.S. colleague Chris Brewer and I had the same idea independently from each other: Let’s get the two James Brown drummers Clyde Stubblefield and Jab'o Starks in front of our video cameras and produce an extensive interview/documentary about their lives, their work with James Brown, their drumming, and much more. 

In case you don’t know who these two drummers are: Besides being the funniest and most inspiring human beings, Clyde and Jab'o are undoubtedly two living legends. Their drumming with one of the founding fathers of Funk Music and a major figure of 20th-century popular music, James Brown, has significantly influenced the development of many different musical genres until today. Songs like Sex Machine, Cold Sweat, Mother Popcorn, I Got The Feelin’, Super Bad, and many more have influenced generations of funk drummers thereafter.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith once said: “Clyde is the funkiest man walking the planet, closely followed by Jab'o Starks." Clyde’s famous pattern in “Funky Drummer” is among the world’s most sampled musical segments and has been used for decades by hip-hop groups and rappers all over the world.
None other than the Snarky Puppy drummer Robert ‘Sput’ Searight will be acting as the moderator of the interview. Sput is not only an expert in funk drumming, but also a huge fan of James Brown and the drummers who played with him. He is the perfect interviewer for Clyde and Jabo. We will also set up three drum sets so they can play and demonstrate their grooves.
So here is your chance to be part of that video: If you have any questions for Clyde and Jab'o, then simply comment to this post with the question(s) that you want us to ask them during the interview. Please also read those that already have been written and “like” it in case you find that one interesting too. We will ask them as many questions as possible.
The filming will take place early August. The complete interview then will be published on and on our youtube channel as soon as possible.
I really look forward to all your questions and to the filming. Will keep you all posted while this is going on.
- norbert

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

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