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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 - 13:53 PM

Line-up Change For Meinl Drum Festival

screenshot of thomas' video "why i can not be at the meinl drum festival 2008"

dear fans of the meinl drum festival,

i wish i would not have to write these words, but unfortunately i have to tell you that thomas lang is not going to be participating at the 2008 meinl drum festival.

i asked thomas to send me a brief statement in which he explains the reasons for his cancellation:

"due to unforeseen changes in my touring- and travel schedule in september this year, unfortuntely i am not able to perform at the meinl drum festival and i hope i see you guys again sometime soon."

you can also see and hear his statement in a specially produced video-clip (even though its a sad occasion, the video clip is absolutely worth seeing).

video-statement on
video-statement on

because of thomas' absence, the line-up has of course changed now. two other top-class drummers are confirmed and will enthuse you with their extraordinary drumming. we all know that thomas lang can not really be replaced. and that has never been our intention when we chose those two new artists. what's more imporant is the fact that both artists are unique players and convince with their own unique style. i am sure that johnny rabb (biodiesel, u.s.s.a) and daniel svensson of swedish metal superstars "in flames" are great additions and will round out the festival perfectly.

so, here is the final line-up for the '08 meinl drum festival:

saturday, september 06 (masterclasses)

11am    benny greb (drumming vocabulary, universal repertoire for every situation)

02pm    jost nickel (phrasing and orchestration)

05pm    johnny rabb (versatile drumming: being well versed in many styles will allow you more drumming opportunities)

07pm    panel discussion

sunday, september 07 (drumshows)

11:00 am    jost nickel, germany (jan delay)

12:30 pm    jaska raatikainen, finland (children of bodom)

02:00 pm    chris coleman, usa (chaka chan)

03:30 pm    benny greb, germany (jerobeam, stoppok)

05:00 pm    daniel svensson, sweden (in flames)

06:00 pm    johnny rabb + benny greb

signing sessions, drumcircles, give-aways, cymbal exhibition

we have also invited a very special performer: the vaudeville artist "fernando" who will present his astonishing show, "juggling & drums". fernando currently has an engagement at the "krystallpalast varieté" in leipzig.

we hope that we will see all of you at the '08 meinl drum festival despite of the recent changes in the line-up. thank you very much for your trustfulness and belief in meinl.

- norbert saemann

ps: if you have already purchased tickets and would like to return them because of thomas' absence, please send them back to us and include your complete bank-details so we can reimburse the money to you. the address where to send the tickets to is: meinl drum festival, am bahnhof 2, 91468 gutenstetten, germany

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

With Meinl since 1990. International A&R, Event Management and Marketing