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Wednesday, December 01, 2010 - 16:41 PM

Mb8 Chinas - Gaining Favor With Artists

Derek Roddy's kit with Mb8 Chinas.

Anyone who works in Artist Relations for an instrument company, by default, becomes well versed in the company's products. You would have to be, or if not, then you would be doing something wrong.

Through sheer time spent with potential artists and already established artists, and helping them achieve their sounds, one gets to know their company's product inside and out. This has been the case for me throughout my seven + years tenure at Meinl thus far...and I am STILL learning about our products. Whether it's a new release or hearing an oldie but a goodie in a new way, I am still learning how our cymbals can be applied in musical settings.

My reason in writing this and sharing it with you is that I have recently discovered some awesome china cymbals in our line. For a long, long time, it seemed that the tried and true winners of our chinas were the Mb20 18" Rock China and the Byzance 18" China in Brilliant finish.  Now I have found two more, thanks to Derek Roddy.

I sent Derek some Mb8's for a product video that I asked him to put together for me. He called me later and told me how much he had been digging the Mb8 chinas and how he had left them on his kit. This made me think twice about these cymbals. So when other artists were needing something different than the chinas that they had been using, I gave it a try and sent these to them. The feedback has been very positive.

For me, the Mb8 18" and 20" chinas have become some of my new favorites. They get in, they get out, they have a deep "cha" that explodes. Trashy, but in a very clean way, if that makes sense. A real plus to these cymbals is that they are made in our factory in Germany. So for anyone who wants virtuallly 100% consistency in sound in the event that you hear it, like it, and want to buy it, you'll know for sure that what you have heard on our website is what you are getting if you order it from a retailer or find it at a retailer. Another benefit is that I have been hearing from artists that these cymbals LAST, that they are very durable.

Click here for some sound samples and a great video of Meinl Cymbal artist Felix Lehrmann giving the Mb8's a great run through in a professional recording studio. (You can hear the 20" china in the video.) Click on "chinas" in the cymbal list, then click on the image of the china and that will take you to the right page.

Thanks for reading!

- Chris Brewer



Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA