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Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 17:16 PM



84-Page Publication Focuses Exclusively on Cymbals And Gear

For 2013, MEINL has introduced an 84-page Cymbal Guide that focuses totally on cymbals and gear. "It is," said MEINL Director of A+R Norbert Saemann, "a one-stop source of information for drummers in search of cymbal sounds ranging from traditionally hand hammered darkness to modern bright and explosively loud."

"What players will discover," continued Saemann, "are cymbals and sounds for every style of music. There are the hand hammered and darker sounding Byzance variations , the modern and bright M-Series and Soundcaster series, the loud and even louder Classics ranges, plus others. There is also a big selection of cowbells, tambourines for the drum set, and other percussion pieces. Players in search of a cymbal bag or stick bag needs look no further, because there are large selections of both. And there are drum rugs, timbales…even a new table for using a laptop computer on stage, and a rug for electronic drum kits. Yes, the focus is on cymbals, but there are also many things here that are not found in other cymbal catalogs."

Saemann also points out that, the nineteen MEINL cymbal series have been condensed into six categories, so it is now much easier to tell the difference between those series and find the most suitable models. “Every category is identified and each series feature contains an information bar as well as all the available models,” he says. "This publication functions as a guide, so comparing and choosing series and models is easier than ever."

The 2013 MEINL Cymbal Guide will be available from the global network of MEINL Cymbals dealers. It can also be downloaded at


(written by Norbert Saemann)

19 Cymbal Series have been condensed into 6 categories