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Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 12:21 PM

Meinl Introduces Symphonic Cymbals

MEINL symphonic cymbals
Symphonic cymbals (pairs)
Suspended symphonic cymbals

With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing cymbals to the highest standard of sound, Meinl introduces its new symphonic range of cymbals.

The assortment includes nine different cymbal pairs: Available in three weights thin, medium, and heavy, with diameters of 18", 20", and 22" in every category. The new Meinl symphonic  assortment is completed with five suspended cymbals with diameters of 14", 16", 17", 18", and 20".

With Jens Herz, principal percussionist of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra – Bavarian State Philharmonic, one of Germany's most renowned orchestras, Meinl has found an outstanding musician and consultant with whom to develop and optimize their new range.

"Our relationship with Jens Herz and the Orchestra is a gift," comments Meinl's Norbert Saemann. "His knowledge and experience in the classical field has been of enormous assistance in the creation of our symphonic cymbals. We were able to test and optimize them in the orchestra's newly renovated concert hall under real acoustic circumstances. We are very grateful to be able to work with him and subsequently gain a true behind-the-scenes understanding of the symphonic world."

Made from B20 bronze and hand-hammered in the company's own Turkish cymbal smithy, all cymbals feature an overall dark tonality. Depending on the chosen weight and size, the cymbal pairs are suitable for use in musical situations ranging from very low to extremely loud volumes, but always with a wide tonal spread. The new suspended cymbals feature a flat profile for an immediate and sensitive response with a long sustain. Ideal for mallet rolls for swelling crescendos.