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Monday, July 01, 2013 - 14:40 PM

Meinl is proud to announce that Per Lindvall and Bronk will perform at Meinl Drum Festival 2013

Per Lindvall is a true legend and probably the most recorded Swedish drummer. His unique timing, groove, and intuitive feeling for what is right for the song makes his playing relevant. Per is the first choice for many producers in a wide range of musical styles due to his solid groove and musical touch that brings out the best of singers and fellow musicians.

Bronk is his own project which includes his brother Sven Lindvall on Bass and Staffan Astner on guitar. The band is centered around Staffan’s expressive playing style supported by the dynamic groove of the Lindvall brothers.


BRONK at the 2013 Meinl Drum Festival
BRONK at the 2013 Meinl Drum Festival