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Friday, April 20, 2012 - 19:02 PM

Mike Heller - The New Drummer For Fear Factory Joins The Meinl Cymbal Family

Meinl Cymbals is pleased to welcome Mike Heller to its family of artists. Mike just landed one of the most coveted drum chairs in metal: Fear Factory.

After other obligations left world renowned metal drummer Gene Hoglan unavailable to tour in support of FF's upcoming album 'The Industrialist,' FF hosted a series of auditions to replace Gene. Mike tried out and nailed it.

Here's what Mike had to say about joining the band: "It is an incredible honor to be chosen as the new drummer for Fear Factory! It's something I never would have dreamt of as a kid listening to "Soul of A New Machine" and "Demanufacture" over and over again in middle school. It's also an incredible honor to be following in the footsteps of two of the most amazing and influential drummers in metal drumming history. I hope to continue their legacy, creating some of the most forward-thinking and innovative music available today."

Mike made a name for himself for his work with his bands Malignancy and System Divide. According to Sick Drummer Magazine, "Mike is also one of the best drum teachers in the industry. Mike himself studied at The Collective School of Music in NYC and has since instructed countless industry professionals and worked with them (on and off tour) to improve their technique, overcome muscle issues, gain control and a myriad of other characteristics of being a pro drummer.

Congratulations Mike and welcome to the family!