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Friday, October 02, 2009 - 15:16 PM

New Twitter Writers

Mitch McMitchen
Juan Berrios
Bernie Amon
Uwe Becker
Thomas Hofmann
Micha Dimpel
Stefan Mueller

Seven additional Meinl personnel have been added to the company's Twitter team and will start reporting to you about news and experiences from their respective fields.

Mitch McMitchen - President of Meinl USA L.C.
Juan Berrios - Sales Manager at Meinl USA L.C.
Bernie Amon - Sales Manager Europe, Middle East, Africa
Uwe Becker - Sales Manager Asia, Australia, South America
Thomas Hofmann - Sales + Product Specialist U.K., Belgium
Micha Dimpel - Sales + Product Specialist Netherlands
Stefan Mueller - Product Manager Cymbals

Along with Meinl's Norbert Saemann, Chris Brewer, Helge Hamer, and Udo Heubeck, all in all eleven Meinl staff members are now constantly using the "meinlcymbals" twitter account to report live from their World of Meinl.