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Thursday, July 03, 2008 - 16:01 PM

Picnic On The Autobahn

klangwerk musikschule: (left to right) yannik langer, roland bergdolt, daniel ebert, gerry hennrich
ralf's set for the mtv-unplugged concert (14" byzance traditional medium hihat bottom with a 14" byzance jazz hihat top, 18" byzance jazz extra thin crash with a 8" classics bell on top, 20" byzance jazz exta thin ride, a custom made 20" sweet ride with rivets and a 6" byzance splash on top)
ralf gustke
ralf gustke
picnic on the autobahn

maybe you remember the banner we gave away a few weeks ago to the "klangwerk musikschule" in schwäbisch hall? the guys sent us a picture of the banner in their school. thanks for the picture and once again, congratulations and have fun with it.

i have been in schwetzingen the last two days to see our artist ralf gustke. he is the drummer for both very popular bands "xavier naidoo" and "soehne mannheims". mtv unplugged produced a show with both acts in the lovely rokokosaal of the castle schwetzingen, which they are going to broadcast on mtv in september. a mtv-unplugged-dvd of both acts is also planned to come out. both concerts lasted five hours total (!!) and we were not allowed to leave the venue. they said that it would not look good on camera if people were walking around during the shoot. nevertheless it has been an awesome concert and ralf demonstrated once again why he is one of the best drummers in europe. watch out for "xavier naidoo - soehne mannheims mtv unplugged" shows in september 2008.

ralf used a nice meinl setup with two custom made cymbals. click on the picture on top to see the full description.

on my way home the next day, a major accident happened on the highway and it got completely shot down for four hours. i stood there and couldn't move back or forth. the fact that there is no speedlimit on german autobahn wasn't worth anything. plus it has been the hottest day of the year so far. not good.

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

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