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Monday, March 17, 2008 - 18:23 PM

Smartest Move They Ever Made

Ethan Luck
Scott Batiste
Allen Blickle


I want to fill you in on some more cool cats that are now slamming MEINL cymbals. Smartest move they ever made...   :-)

Ethan Luck - The first time I saw Ethan, he was onstage at The End in Nashville, Tennessee playing rhythm guitar for one of the best singer-songwriters out there, John Davis. The next time I saw Ethan, he was onstage at Rocket Town in Nashville, Tennessee playing bass guitar for the extremely bada** metal band from Seattle, Demon Hunter (whose drummer Tim 'Yogi' Watts is a MEINL Cymbal artist by the way...). The next time I saw Ethan, he was drum-teching for the power-pop rock maestros Relient K. Now, Ethan IS in Relient K! So now Ethan is gearing up to head out on the road with the band to get down to some serious business. You can catch him all over the US this summer on the entire length of the VANS Warped Tour, where he'll never get a shower, he'll eat bad catering and he'll wait 23 hours a day to play one hour. However, there's a happy ending to all of this, and that is that Ethan will be playing to thousands of people every day and will be loving it! Not bad...

Click here to see Ethan's artist page.

Scott Batiste = Scott slams the cymbals for the Oakland, California metal outfit, Saviours...and these guys are as cool as it comes. MEINL Cymbal artist, Trivett Wingo of The Sword, hipped me to Scott and Saviours and boy! I glad that he did. When you throw Saviours' CD into the stereo, a shower of killer metal infused by the honest vibe of rock and roll from the early 70's hits you hard. Scott's drumming shows shades of Ian Paice, Bonzo and Bill Ward. He plays with a tight yet swinging feel that makes you absolutely want to nod your head in rhythmic agreement. These guys are always on tour and are really happening. I recommend giving them a real listen.

Click here to see Scott's artist page.

Allen Blickle - Allen is with the Brooklyn, New York-based Baroness. Another very, very cool band. These guys must be doing something right, because their Red Album just won the 2007 Album of the Year award in Revolver Magazine, and rightfully so. Allen plays with a creativity that elevates Baroness' blend of metal and punk rock ethics, making it an absolutely genuine experience. One minute they have you in a trance with hypnotic passages and the next minute they're crushing your skull with piledriving riffs and beats that rule.

Click here to see Allen's artist page.

So check these drummers and their bands out. Great stuff!

By the way, my colleague Norbert Saemnan is out of the office while feeling a bit under the weather. He'll be able to respond to all comments on his blogs next week when he returns.

Thanks for reading and take care!


Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA