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Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 17:08 PM

Testing Cymbals with British Drummer Richard Spaven

Today I had the great pleasure to welcome Richard Spaven from London, England here at our cymbal factory (thanks to our mutual friend Ian Croft of iDrum Magazine for the referral and contact). We spent the whole day testing cymbals and ended up finding a great set for him.

Check it out:

Byzance 15" Dark Hihats
Byzance 22" Extra Dry Thin Ride (sandblasted custom model - not officially available)
Byzance 22" Vintage Crash
Byzance 18" Vintage Crash
Byzance 20" Extra Dry Thin Crash
Byzance 18" Extra Dry Thin Crash
Generation X 10" Drumbal

Richard is a phenomenal drummer; one of those guys you don't find very often. He's not a common name in the drummer's drummer scene yet, but I guess that will start to change very soon. Being able to watch him play today was an absolute pleasure. It put a big smile on my face.

New Meinl Artist Richard Spaven
New Meinl Artist Richard Spaven

Finding your own voice

One of the greatest things about my job here is to guide drummers through all the different sounds we have and to always find the cymbal that will put a smile on his face. It requires that I am totally familiar with that particular drummer's style so I know which sound will support his playing the most. It took me years of learning until I have gathered that experience. So far, every (!!) drummer who walked out of my drum room with a set of new cymbals had this smile on his face. I was able to help them finding their sound, a new inspiration to grow as drummers and musicians. After all, the cymbals are the most personal sound of any drummer.
Richard is currently playing with Blue-Note artist Josè James. You can check him out this summer at the major jazz festivals all over the world, including North Sea Jazz Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival.
Here are links with more info about Richard and José James. I hope that you will have as much fun as I had exploring Richard's drumming.
- norbert

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

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