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Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 12:13 PM

The 2012 Meinl Drum Festival

it's a great pleasure to let you know that our festival will be back in germany this year on june 23 and june 24. it's going to be a mayjor two-day drum event here on our premises in gutenstetten.

on the first day we will host a series of masterclasses to a limited amount of 300 attendees only.

and on the second day we will feature the usual drum performances from some of the best drummers in the world. we've worked out an amazing line-up which you can see on now.

ticket sale will start on march 01st on

and for further info check out, or "like us" on, or simply follow our @meinlcymbals twitter feed #MDF12

i hope to see you all here in june.

- norbert

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

With Meinl since 1990. International A&R, Event Management and Marketing

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Dr. Henboss Toots posted on Feb 16, 2012 - 16:20 PM

Well old Norbert I must say I do have an inquiry for you to turn about in your mind. How would a man such as I go about pronouncing and correctly enunciating the beautiful city in which you live in, Gutenstetten? When pronounced does it sound like “GUT-in-STEET-tin” or “GOODIE-steh-T-tehn?” I would one day love to sojourn to your wondrous city to see the sights you get to witness on a daily basis and thus would love to know how to properly say the name of the city in which you reside.

Happy day,
Dr. Henboss Toots

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