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Monday, April 21, 2008 - 17:29 PM

The New Kid On The Block

swiss jazz drummer arthur hnatek

arthur hnatek is a 17 year young drummer from geneva, switzerland and today he stopped by at our factory to choose his set of cymbals (which then ended up being a mixture of byzance and generation X). so far I have not heard much about this young musician until yamaha drums decided to host their legendary groove night at the 2008 musikmesse in frankfurt and invited arthur to play at their prestigious event. many drummers from the u.s. and from all over europe played that night, but it was this 17 year old kid who got stuck in my head. arthur performed tower of power's "you've got to funkifize" and he sounded simply amazing. bernhard castiglioni of and jojo mayer stood next to me while he was on and all of us where seriously impressed by his mature playing and technical abilities. a meinl video podcast will be available soon about arthur.

here is arthur's artist feature for more info about him and his new meinl cymbals. I am proudly welcoming him to our family and looking forward to working with him and inspiring his playing with our cymbal sounds.

ps: i would like to thank wolfgang haffner for introducing arthur to me at the 2008 musikmesse which originally has paved the way for arthur's and our relationship. coincidentally, wolfgang just called me to say hello while I was typing this blog and was delighted to hear about meinl and arthur. it's come full circle :-)

Norbert Saemann

Norbert Saemann

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