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Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 11:17 AM

Tom Beck Presents - Drummers Camp Sardinia 2014

Meinl Cymbal artist Tom Beck will host an exclusive Drum Camp in Sardinia, Italy from September 27 - October 04.

Registration is now open. For more info check out

Tom Beck:

"The second Drummers Camp Sardinia took place from September 26 until October 3, 2013. We experienced an amazing week, including a broad range of interesting workshops, fantastic weather and a relaxing leisure programme. From a culinary aspect, we were spoiled by a variety of typical and traditional Sardinian dishes. The second Drummers Camp Sardinia was a huge success and arouses the desire for more!

We are already working on the third edition of the Drummers Camp Sardinia 2014. The workshops relating to the topics of drums, percussion, ergonomics and fitness shall be given by international top artists. After the courses, we take the participants to Masua, one of the most beautiful beaches ever. There, it’s possible to swim, surf, enjoy a trip in a kayak or just relax at the Wahrung Beach Lounge and listen to cool music with a refreshing beverage. Once again, inspiration and enthusiasm are our main goals for the third edition of the Drummers Camp Sardinia."