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Friday, May 02, 2008 - 18:53 PM

Tom Hunting Joins The Team


A funny thing happened to me last January when I ran out of the NAMM booth to chase down one of our Meinl Cymbal artists, who walked by the booth when he was supposed to have been doing an artist signing for us at any moment.

As I was walking at a good clip to catch up with said artist, I looked to my left and saw Tom Hunting walk by...

Tom is an original member of one of the heaviest, deadliest and nastiest thrash bands of all time - Exodus. For those of you who need an education, Exodus played a huge role in forming the original early 80's Bay Area Thrash Metal movement (heck...Kirk Hammett of Metallica was even a member of Exodus at one point), by storming onto the scene with a razor sharp sound and attack that pummeled audiences into dust.

At this point it's probably very obvious that I was a fan. Absolutely! Still am too. When I was a kid, I HAD to learn the drum part to The Last Act of Defiance. So it was very cool for me to get to meet one of the guys that had a big influence on me in my formative drumming years. What I found was a person who is very humble and who is very happy to still be doing what he loves for a living.

Tom and Exodus are now back and better than ever, with their latest album The Atrocity Exhibition, Part 1 making a massive impact on today's metal scene. Tom's drumming still has that on-the-edge-precision that made him relevant in the 80's and 90's, and makes him relevant now.

Welcome to the team, Tom!


Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA