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Thursday, July 10, 2008 - 17:57 PM

Vans Warped Tour Part 1

The sign that says it all...
Jorma in full-on rock mode.
The kick drum head that says it all...
The tattoo that says it all. Ayone that has this tat or knows what it means is in the inner circle of rock.
These cold cans of water are a little slice of heaven.
Jorma in mariachi mode.
Andy with Anberlin - the man with the all access love.


For the past few summers I have been heading to one of the dates on the VANS Warped tour (with pro photographer Rick Malkin in tow) to hang with the Meinl Cymbal artists that are part of the traveling circus, getting massive amounts of pictures and video of these cats, and generally enjoying the day hanging with our extended cymbal family.

I just arrived back in Nashville late last night from Atlanta, where Rick and I went for this year's Warped tour. We had such a fun and busy time that it would be impossible to share all of it with you in one blog. So I'll keep blogging each day on an artist or two at a time and share my impressions with you.

The Meinl cymbal artists on the tour as of yesterday were Jorma Vik with The Bronx, Daniel Williams with The Devil Wears Prada, Nate Novarro with Cobra Starship, Nate Young with Anberlin, Ethan Luck with Relient K, Moe Carlson with Protest the Hero, and Matt Clark with Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

After getting to Lakewood Amphitheater, we hooked up with Andrew Sprague, Tour Manager for Anberlin, who was kind enough to hook us up with the All Access passes we need so as to not get hassled by the security goons that lurk at every corner. Then we made it to The Bronx's stage just in time for the start of their set.

Jorma and The Bronx are the REAL DEAL. These guys rock. Hard. They are a mix of buzzsaw Black Flag/Gregg Ginn riffage and snot-nose Iggy Pop rock and roll all rolled into one. These guys are such straight ahead kick ass rock and roll, that it's almost hard for someone who hasn't  heard them yet to figure out how to label them within their segregated, niche market minds. Anyway, no matter...because once these guys launch into tunes like History's Stranglers, all labels go out the window because of how blown away you are by them. Jorma rocked, Rick got some great shots and we then watched Jorma puke after his set from playing so hard and working up so much of a sweat. Come to think of it, Jorma puked the last time I hung out with him, again from playing so hard. Jorma rules.

More tomorrow...






Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer

Artist Relations Manager for Meinl USA