Press Releases

official Meinl cymbal press releases for download


January 2014:
Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Dual Cymbals


Meinl Cymbals Introduces 4" Kneepad

July 2014
Next Level of Dry - Meinl Cymbals Introduces Byzance Vintage Series Pure Hihats and Pure Crashes
MEINL Cymbals Introduces Classics Custom Dark Hihat and Dark Crashes

May 2014
Meinl Cymbals partners with BANDHAPPY as an official sponsor of the 2014 VANS Warped Tour

April 2014
Meinl Cymbals welcomes Rasmus Kihlberg to its artist family

February 2014:
Next Level of Dry - Meinl Cymbals Introduces the Byzance Vintage Series Pure Rides




December 2013:
MEINL Byzance - Mike Johnston Transition Ride

October 2013:
14" Byzance Derek Roddy Signature Serpents Hihat
16" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin Hihat
10" Byzance Vintage Splash

July 2013:
Richard Spaven
Per Lindvall and Bronk will perform at Meinl Drum festival 2013

May 2013:
Oriental Drum Rug

March 2013:
Juan Carlos Mendoza
22" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Ride

January 2013:
2013 Cymbal Guide
Cymbal Set-Up Configurator


November 2012:
Robert 'Sput' Searight (Snarky Puppy)
Meinl increases NAMM floor space by 40%

September 2012:
Byzance Briliant Serpents Hihat

August 2012:
Ralph Peterson now playing MEINL cymbals

July 2012:
The New Benny Greb Masterpad

June 2012:
New Benny Greb Signature Models

May 2012:
Classics Custom Extreme Metal

April 2012:
Matt Garstka

March 2012:
MEINL new singings
Byzance Big Apple Ride

February 2012:
JP Bouvet
Mb8 Ghost Ride


December 2011:
New showroom

November 2011:
Thomas Lang Practice Pads

October 2011:
Meinl Drum Festival 2012

September 2011:
New Byzance Dark Series Cymbals

June 2011:
MEINL Cymbag

May 2011:
Byzance Vintage Trash Crashes

March 2011:
Quick-Set Markers
Byzance Traditional 20" Extra Thin Hammered Crash

January 2011:
Classics Custom Series


March 2010:
MEINL Drum Festival 2010 Line-Up

February 2010:
Genereation X Attack Stacks
Candela Percussion Hihat
Practice Pads
Soundcaster Fusion Trash Crashes


December 2009:
MEINL expands personell

October 2009:
MEINL eco manager
Furio Chirico

September 2009:
Tommy Clufetos / Rob Zombie

July 2009:
Benny Greb Sand Ride
Contest: Friends of Meinl cymbals

March 2009:
New Meinl Artists
23 Inch ride
Meinl Drum Rug

February 2009:
Meinl Drum Festival 2009 in Moscow
Dave Mackintosh / Dragonforce

January 2009:
10 great years with Jason Bittner
Cymbal Workshop in Brazil
New line of Soundcaster Cymbals: Soundcaster Fusion
Michael Schack
New Mb8 sets


June 2008:
Byzance New Sizes
New Meinl Artists

July 2008:
Generation X China Crashes
New Meinl Artists

April 2008:
Deluxe Stickbag
New Meinl Artists