Press Releases

official Meinl cymbal press releases for download


April 2014
Meinl Cymbals welcomes Rasmus Kihlberg to its artist family

February 2014:
Next Level of Dry - Meinl Cymbals Introduces the Byzance Vintage Series Pure Rides




December 2013:
MEINL Byzance - Mike Johnston Transition Ride

October 2013:
14" Byzance Derek Roddy Signature Serpents Hihat
16" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin Hihat
10" Byzance Vintage Splash

July 2013:
Richard Spaven
Per Lindvall and Bronk will perform at Meinl Drum festival 2013

May 2013:
Oriental Drum Rug

March 2013:
Juan Carlos Mendoza
22" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Ride

January 2013:
2013 Cymbal Guide
Cymbal Set-Up Configurator


November 2012:
Robert 'Sput' Searight (Snarky Puppy)
Meinl increases NAMM floor space by 40%

September 2012:
Byzance Briliant Serpents Hihat

August 2012:
Ralph Peterson now playing MEINL cymbals

July 2012:
The New Benny Greb Masterpad

June 2012:
New Benny Greb Signature Models

May 2012:
Classics Custom Extreme Metal

April 2012:
Matt Garstka

March 2012:
MEINL new singings
Byzance Big Apple Ride

February 2012:
JP Bouvet
Mb8 Ghost Ride


December 2011:
New showroom

November 2011:
Thomas Lang Practice Pads

October 2011:
Meinl Drum Festival 2012

September 2011:
New Byzance Dark Series Cymbals

June 2011:
MEINL Cymbag

May 2011:
Byzance Vintage Trash Crashes

March 2011:
Quick-Set Markers
Byzance Traditional 20" Extra Thin Hammered Crash

January 2011:
Classics Custom Series


March 2010:
MEINL Drum Festival 2010 Line-Up

February 2010:
Genereation X Attack Stacks
Candela Percussion Hihat
Practice Pads
Soundcaster Fusion Trash Crashes


December 2009:
MEINL expands personell

October 2009:
MEINL eco manager
Furio Chirico

September 2009:
Tommy Clufetos / Rob Zombie

July 2009:
Benny Greb Sand Ride
Contest: Friends of Meinl cymbals

March 2009:
New Meinl Artists
23 Inch ride
Meinl Drum Rug

February 2009:
Meinl Drum Festival 2009 in Moscow
Dave Mackintosh / Dragonforce

January 2009:
10 great years with Jason Bittner
Cymbal Workshop in Brazil
New line of Soundcaster Cymbals: Soundcaster Fusion
Michael Schack
New Mb8 sets


June 2008:
Byzance New Sizes
New Meinl Artists

July 2008:
Generation X China Crashes
New Meinl Artists

April 2008:
Deluxe Stickbag
New Meinl Artists