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Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 11:20 AM

New Video of Jonny König

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Jonny Koenig


Jonny Koenig


Die Schlagzeugmafia, Die Söhne Mannheims

Drumming since:

Since i was eight years old

With MEINL since:

Februar 2013


May 12, 1988

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Many of our Meinl artists performed at the Tama 40th Anniversary Drum Festival lately. Here comes the first video from that fantastic event featuring Söhne Mannheim's drummer Jonny König. Many more clips will follow during the next weeks so stay tuned for that.

The cymbals Jonny used are (from left to right):

       Soundcaster Fusion 14" Medium Hihat
       Byzance 18" Vintage Trash Crash
       Byzance 22" Dark Spectrum Ride
       Byzance 21" Extra Dry Transition Ride

- Norbert

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