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Friday, April 24, 2015 - 17:41 PM

Alex Rudinger Classics Custom Dark Video

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Alex Rudinger


Alex Rudinger


Good Tiger

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We sent a set of Classics Custom Dark cymbals to Alex Rudinger and asked him if he could kindly produce some footage putting them to the test. Here is one of the videos he came up with:

Alex says - "This video showcases my Meinl Classics Custom Dark Cymbals exclusively, setup is as followed (from behind the kit, left to right)...

- 16" Classics Custom Dark Crash
- 18" Classics Custom Dark Crash
- 14" Classics Custom Dark Hi-Hats
- 20" Classics Custom Dark Ride
- 19" Classics Custom Dark Crash
- 20" Classics Custom Dark Crash

I've been wanting to do some videos for awhile that showcase a slightly different skill-set to what you normally see me doing. Most of the videos that I post are of metal tunes since much of my time these last few years has been spent working for various metal bands. But when I have the time I enjoy jamming to a few different tunes and working on some improv. This is one of my favorite songs to jam to, so I thought you all might like to see something a little bit different! 

In no way am I abandoning open handed playing, metal, or anything else. Just keeping things fresh and working on some different things while I have the time! I do think my feel is a bit better when I play right-handed (I'm naturally right handed) so it made more sense to play that way for this tune. Enjoy!"