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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 12:24 PM

ALTER EGO - New Video of Meinl Artist Anika Nilles

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Anika Nilles


Anika Nilles

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Here is a brandnew video of Anika Nilles playing her new track 'Alter Ego'.

Anika has also composed the complete song by herself.  'Alter Ego' is a great catchy tune which not only features some great drumming, but also underlines Anika's excellent writing skills.

Hope you are enjoying it.

- Norbert

The cymbals which Anika is using in the video are (from left to right):

    Byzance 14" Traditional Heavy Hihat
    Byzance 20" Extra Thin Ride (used as crash) 
    Byzance 6" Traditional Splash (on top)
    Byzance 22" Vintage Pure Light Ride
    Byzance 20" Extra Dry Thin Crash
    Byzance 18" Jazz Extra Thin Crash (BOTTOM)
    Byzance 18" Vintage Trash Crash (TOP)