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Monday, February 27, 2017 - 16:56 PM

Anika Nilles "MISTER"

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Anika Nilles


Anika Nilles

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Congrats to Meinl artist Anika Nilles for releasing her first solo album PIKALAR“ today. This video is called MISTER“ taken from the debut album. The cymbals Anika is using in this clip are:
15“ Byzance Dual Hats
20“ Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash
24“ Byzance R&D Prototype Ride, with Meinl Cymbal Tuners
18“ Artist Concept Model Deep hats
16“ Byzance Jazz Extra Thin Crash
16“ Byzance Trash Crash (top)
16“ Byzance Extra Dry China (bottom)

Download „PIKALAR“
A physical CD, Anika Nilles merchandise and other exlcusive items can be downloaded here (limited time only):   “MISTER“ – written by Anika Nilles
produced by Joachim Schneiss   Stefan Gunnarson (keys)
Joachim Schneiss (guitars, audio recording / mixing)
Frank Itt (bass)
Max Groesswang (percussion)
Anika Nilles (drums & add keys)
Adam Haranghy (video recording)
Christoph Oswald (engineer assistant)
Benjamin Mugler (lighting engineer)
Johanna von Oertzen (assistant)
Florian Alexandru Zorn ( / venue)
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