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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 - 17:58 PM

Anika Nilles - "Synergy"

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Anika Nilles


Anika Nilles

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This is Anika's latest video which just came out. "Synergy" is written by Anika herself and will be on her upcoming album. Her drumming on this track is awesome once again, especially the part starting at 3:16min :-) Enjoy
(- norbert)

Here is the list of all the cymbals Anika has used in the video:
15” Byzance Dual Hihat (bottom)
15" Byrance Vintage Pure Hihat (top)
18" Byzance Jazz Thin Crash with two pairs of jingles mounted on top (custom made)
20" Byzance Extra Thin Hammered Crash with an inverted 06” Byzance Splash on top
10” Byzance Extra Dry Splash
22” Byzance Extra Dry Medium Ride
20” Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash
20” Byzance Trash Crash (stack bottom)
18” Byzance Trash Crash (stack top)
12“ Generation x - Filter china (stack bottom)
10" Byzance traditional Splash (stack top)