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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 11:20 AM

Anup Sastry "Aurora" by Skyharbor

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Anup Sastry


Anup Sastry



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Meinl cymbals artist Anup Sastry performing "Aurora" by Skyharbor at the 2016 Meinl Drum Festival. This is the first clip of our 2016 Meinl Drum Festival series and we will post a new video from the event every wednesday. Enjoy, and stay tuned!


The cymbals Anup is using here are:
13" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Hats
18" Byzance Traditional Medium Crash
20" Byzance Dark Ride
19" Classics Custom Dark Crash
18" Byzance Traditional China (stack bottom)
16" Mb10 Medium Crash (stack top)
18" Classics Custom Extreme Metal China
The audio you hear was mixed and mastered by Anup personally.