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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 19:03 PM

Charlie Engen "The Warden"

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Charlie Engen


Charlie Engen


Scale The Summit, Ideology

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Charlie Engen - "The Warden" 

Charlie's Meinl Cymbals setup from left to right, if sitting behind the kit, is as follows: 

16" Classics Custom Trash Crash (stack top)
16" Classics Custom Trash China (stack bottom)
20" Byzance Brilliant China
8" Byzance Dark Splash
14" Byzance Traditional Medium Hihats
18" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash
10" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Splash
20" Byzance Extra Thin Hammered Crash
21" Byzance Dark Ride
18" Byzance Brilliant China
18" Classics Custom Trash Crash (stack top)
18" Byzance Dark China (stack bottom)

"The Warden" by Scale The Summit
Drums - Charlie Engen
Guitar - Chris Letchford
Bass - Kilian Duarte