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Monday, July 15, 2013 - 15:46 PM

Cymbal Demo Video Part 1 - Ron van Stratum

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Ron van Stratum

van Stratum

Ron van Stratum

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Dutch drummer Ron van Stratum has been a Meinl artist since 1995. He has also been the opening act at our first ever Meinl Drum Festival back in 2005. 

Ron is a very fine drummer and has now released a series of cymbal demo videos. Here is the first one, and here is what Ron is using in it:

20" Byzance Jazz Medium Ride
16" Byzance Extra Dry Crash
18" Byzance Extra Dry Crash
06" Byzance Dark Splash (custom made)
10" Byzance Extra Dry Splash
12" Byzance Extra Dry Splash (custom made)
14" Byzance Extra Dry Hihat
10" Byzance Extra Dry Hihat (custom made)
16" Byzance Flat China
12" / 14" Generation X Trash Hat


- norbert