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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 17:01 PM

Damien Schmitt "Human Nature"

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Damien Schmitt


Damien Schmitt


Jean Luc Ponty, Alain Caron

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The cymbals Damien is using in this clip are:

15“ Pure Alloy Medium Hihat
10“ GenerationX Filter China (bottom)
20“ Byzance Trash Crash (center)
10“ Byzance Trash Splash (top)
14“ Byzance Thin Crash
06“ Byzance Splash
08“/10“ GenerationX Electro Stack
20“ Pure Alloy Medium Ride
18“ Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash
08“ Byzance Splash
12“/14“ GenerationX X-Treme Stack
08“ Classics Medium Bell
10“ GenerationX Drumbal (on snare)

Meinl Percussion instruments used:
08“ Snare Timbale
10“ Snare Timbale
Hihat Tambourine
Mountable Tambourine
Ching Ring (on top of 18“ Extra Dry Thin Crash)

Composed by Steve Porcaro & John Bettis
Keyboards, programming, vocals: Damien Schmitt