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Monday, July 21, 2014 - 14:16 PM

Daray Brzozowski Video

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Daray Brzozowski


Daray Brzozowski


Dimmu Borgir

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Dimmu Borgir's drummer Daray from Poland performing at the Tama 40th Anniversary Drum Festival.

The cymbals he is using in this video are (from left to right):

          14" Classics Custom Extreme Metal Hihat
          18" Classics Custom Trash China
          14" Candela Jingle Bell
          18" Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash
          8" Soundcaster Custom Splash
          12" Soundcaster Custom Splash
          18" Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash
          22" Mb20 Heavy Bell Ride
          18" Mb20 Rock China
          18" Soundcaster Fusion Poweful Crash
          14" Soundcaster Custom 14" Powerful Hihat


- Norbert